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Category: Hustle

Hustle – Series 8 Episode 6 – The Con is Off (1080p) (Netflix) (WebRip) – (T.B.P.W)

Mickey believes that he has found the ultimate mark in multi-millionaire businessman Madani Wasem. The stakes end up being much higher than usual as Wasem is extremely dangerous and the kind of mark they usually try to avoid dealing with.

Last appearance of all remaining cast. Michael “Mickey Bricks” Stone, Ashley Morgan, Albert Stroller, Emma and Sean Kennedy and, in the final clippet, Eddie the barman.

Series 8 Episode 6 – “The Con is Off”

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Hustle – Series 8 Episode 6 – The Con is Off (1080p) (Netflix) (WebRip) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | AAC | 2.93GB

Hustle – Series 8 Episode 1 – Gold Finger (1080p) (Netflix) (WebRip) – (T.B.P.W)

The first episode sees the grifters take on gold dealer Dexter Gold. Famous for parting the elderly from their precious treasures in return for a pittance and trading stolen gold at profitable prices, the gang is eager to give this fraudster a taste of his own medicine. Meanwhile, Eddie finally has enough of the gang’s childish behaviour when he finds that someone has defaced his precious photo of Liverpool legend Ian Rush. Failing to see the funny side, and certain that the culprit is West Ham supporter Ash, Eddie bans the team from the bar until he owns up.

Series 8 Episode 1 – “Gold Finger”

Link: Wikipedia

Hustle – Series 8 Episode 1 – Gold Finger (1080p) (Netflix) (WebRip) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | AAC | 2.9GB