The Middle – Series 8 Episode 1 – The Core Group (1080p) (WEB-DL) (DD5.1)

In Season Eight, the Heck kids will find themselves breaking out of their comfort zones and navigating new situations they’re unaccustomed to – which may or may not be comforting to Frankie and Mike. Axl may be living out of a Winnebago, but he has discovered the love of his life. Meanwhile, always optimistic Sue has caught the acting bug in Dollywood and is changing her major to drama. Now in high school, Brick has made it his mission to fit in with his peers – and not be one of the weird kids. With an emptier nest, Frankie and Mike cut back on the parental duties – easier said than done as parenting continues no matter where your kids are. Balancing kids and work never really gets easier. It just gets different!

Series 8 Episode 1 – “The Core Group”

On the eighth season premiere, Frankie and Mike are excited to meet April – the love of Axl’s life – but discover that love may indeed be blind when April reveals a quirky personality trait. Meanwhile, after getting bit by the acting bug while working at Dollywood over the summer, Sue wants to change her major to theater, and Brick is starting high school and making it his mission to try for a fresh start and not be considered one of the weird kids.

The Middle – Series 8 Episode 1 – The Core Group (1080p) (WEB-DL) (DD5.1)
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