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Eve – Series 3 Episode 10 – Goodbye Forever, Again: Part Two (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 10 – “Goodbye Forever, Again: Part Two”

Eve tries to prevent a war between Robots and Humans

Eve – Series 3 Episode 10 – Goodbye Forever, Again: Part Two (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 725MB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 9 – Goodbye Forever, Again: Part One (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 9 – “Goodbye Forever, Again: Part One”

With the school prom imminent, Will decides to invite Eve as his date.

Eve – Series 3 Episode 9 – Goodbye Forever, Again: Part One (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 964MB

Eve – Series 1 Episode 14 – Christmas Eve (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 1 Episode 14 – “Christmas Eve”

It’s Eve’s first Christmas and after finding a way to connect to her mother, she has a million questions in her mind. She contacts Mary Douglas, but instead of answers, she contracts a software virus which activates her latent ability to dream. When Will finds Eve in an unresponsive state, he works tirelessly with Nick, Lily and Katherine to figure out what’s wrong with her. They get a window into Eve’s dream state, but Eve’s brain wasn’t wired to cope with imaginative visions and it’s behaving weirdly. The software virus sends Eve into a cheerless parallel world, and as Eve can’t distinguish between reality and dream, her systems start to shut down. Can Will and the gang save Eve from her Christmas nightmare? And can Abe escape his own nightmare – being ‘Santa’s little helper’, dressed as a Christmas elf?

Eve – Series 1 Episode 14 – Christmas Eve (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 952MB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 9 & 10 – Goodbye Forever, Again (Part One & Part Two) (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 9 & 10 – “Goodbye Forever, Again (Part One & Part Two)”

With the school prom imminent, Will decides to invite Eve as his date.

Eve – Series 3 Episode 9 & 10 – Goodbye Forever, Again (Part One & Part Two) (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 1.33GB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 8 – Meet Your Maker (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 8 – “Meet Your Maker”

The Clarke household is in crisis. Will’s nanobots are rapidly failing, and Nick is at a loss. Determined to save his son, Nick lays aside his initial suspicions when Katherine appears with a hi-tech solution. Will comes round and, despite a nano-hangover, seems well. But, as Nick knows, he is not out of danger yet – Katherine has supplied only a temporary fix. Heeding Nick’s warning, Eve tracks down Peterson with Abe in tow.

Eve – Series 3 Episode 8 – Meet Your Maker (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 717MB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 7 – The Price of Life (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 6 – “The P.R.I.C.E of War”

The discovery that Mary has cheated death throws the gang into chaos. If Mary were to take control of Eve permanently, she would be unstoppable. Sending KT as bait, Mary lures Eve to a secret bunker beneath Calimov. Will and Lily are horrified to discover that Mary has built herself a body out of the reclaimed childbots. Mary wants Will to bring her inanimate body to life! The ultimatum for Will: do as Mary demands or risk Mary deleting Eve and KT’s memories. Unable to bear the thought of losing his friend, Will ignores Lily’s pleas and uses his nanobots to force Mary’s disembodied consciousness into her robot body.

Eve – Series 3 Episode 6 – The P.R.I.C.E of War (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 685MB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 7 – The Price of Life (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 7 – “The Price of Life”

Will and Lily aren’t speaking. Worse still, Will is suffering adverse side-effects from protecting his friends from the rogue KT.

Eve – Series 3 Episode 7 – The Price of Life (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 704MB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 5 – Invasion (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 5 – “Invasion”

Having been unknowingly possessed by Mary, Eve is on high alert. Matters are made worse by the fact that her memories of recent events are corrupted. Could Eve’s actions be down to a sleeper virus, or – as Will suggests – has Mary found some way to cheat death? Eve’s investigation is put on hold when Abe embroils her in a family drama. The Watsons have been invaded by their crotchety grandma Gloria, who is irate having discovered Abe’s online competition to name his newborn brother. Eve witnesses the Watsons’ meltdown as Gloria reveals that she never approved of Maddie and Viv’s marriage.

Eve – Series 3 Episode 5 – Invasion (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 801MB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 4 – Possession (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 4 – “Possession”

Mary resorts to extreme measures to head off the threat of Cain and Price, enlisting KT to help her temporarily transfer her consciousness to Eve. With KT missing, a distracted Nick and Katherine welcome back Zac, who is helping them answer questions about how Mary was able to duplicate his personality. Excited about Zac’s return, Eve suggests he join the gang’s picnic that afternoon. To everyone’s surprise Zac brings his new girlfriend, and for the first time Eve experiences jealousy. Spotting KT hovering nearby puts Eve on high alert. Operating under Protocol Zero, KT is Mary’s automaton, and is primed to execute her mother’s plan.

Eve – Series 3 Episode 4 – Possession (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 822MB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 2 – New Born (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 2 – “New Born”

Rebecca and Nick are desperate to get to the bottom of Will’s nanobot problem, so they take him into Calimov to run some tests. Whilst there, Nick insists that Katherine deactivate KT after the trouble she has caused, but Katherine has other ideas. Meanwhile, Abe is disgruntled after Lily refuses to help him with his homework – she’s more interested in her date with Cain. Maddy has her hands full preparing for the arrival of the new baby and tells Abe that it’s time he grew up and took some responsibility for himself. A dejected Abe goes to Eve for help. As Eve completes his homework, Abe wonders aloud what’s so special about babies – why do they get everyone’s attention? After researching human child-rearing, Eve cites ‘helplessness’ as the main reason. Inspired, a scheming Abe fakes being ill to regain Maddy’s attention, but his plan backfires. Suspecting Abe has appendicitis, a concerned Maddy calls an ambulance.

Eve – Series 3 Episode 2 – New Born (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 857MB

Eve – Series 3 Episode 1 – Children of Eve (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 3 Episode 1 – “Children of Eve”

Eve’s attempts to help her sister KT pass for human are derailed when a miraculously recovered Katherine returns to Calimov. To Nick and Eve’s horror, Katherine reveals her new range of childbots, which have been placed with local families. To prevent Katherine restoring KT to factory settings, Eve smuggles her out of Calimov and back to the Clarke house. But with Will and Lily insisting KT is returned to Calimov, Eve and her sister are forced to take matters into their own hands. The situation escalates when Katherine’s childbots start to malfunction and it is KT who comes under suspicion, admitting she has no wish to pass as human. In order to make Eve prove she loves her sister as she is, KT wants Eve to reveal her own robot identity to the world. Trapped inside the house by the childbots, and with police and reporters gathering outside, the gang’s worst fears have been realised. With Eve about to admit her secret to the world on live TV, can Will’s nanobots save the day?

Eve – Series 3 Episode 1 – Children of Eve (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 808MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 12 – A Change in the World (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 12 – “A Change in the World”

Eve tries to return KT by offering herself to Mary but Mary reveals that it’s Will that she wants.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 12 – A Change in the World (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 710MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 11 – Her Sister's Keeper (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 11 – “Her Sister’s Keeper”

With Will’s assistance, Katherine’s new robot KT comes to life.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 11 – Her Sister’s Keeper (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 710MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 10 – Fair Cop (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 10 – “Fair Cop”

When Lily is arrested for hacking Lord Hoffman’s computer, Will and Eve are desperate to save her. But Nick and Katherine can’t help them as they concentrate on getting their new robot working in time for a major presentation. Inspired by her favourite robot film, Eve breaks into the police station, analyses the evidence against Lily and concludes that Lily has been set up. Will and Lily contact Mary, who believes Lord Hoffman is behind the arrest and offers to destroy the evidence against Lily – if Will and Eve destroy Katherine’s new robot.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 10 – Fair Cop (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 710MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 9 – Giving Up the Ghost (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 9 – “Giving Up the Ghost”

Eve is devastated by Adam being irreparably damaged. To cheer her up, Abe suggests a ghost hunt! Will and Lily think he’s crazy, but Eve is fascinated by the idea of ghosts – and the possibility that Adam might have one. Meanwhile, Katherine and Gwenlan concoct a plan to build giant EMP devices and remove the threat of Mary once and for all. But Nick is furious about the danger this poses to Eve and resigns from Calimov. Eve sets about finding a ghost and her behaviour becomes increasingly odd. But Eve’s not the only one acting peculiarly as Abe seems intent to make everything in the house as scary as possible.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 9 – Giving Up the Ghost (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 710MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 8 – All About Adam (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 8 – “All About Adam”

Faced with Zac, his identical clone Adam and no way of reliably working out who is who – even Eve is confused! The gang lock the robot and the human in the cellar while Eve runs to Calimov for help. One of the lookalikes breaks out and catches up with Eve, claiming he’s Zac and that Katherine has captured Mary. Eve knows who she’s dealing with and tries to make Adam accept that he’s not Zac. But Eve’s plan backfires when Mary orders Adam to bring Eve to her.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 8 – All About Adam (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 710MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 7 – A Case of Identity (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 7 – “A Case of Identity”

Eve investigates the identity of Adam by channeling the methods of the great Sherlock Holmes. First Eve turns her attention to Isaac. Then Eve considers if it’s Cain. Lily inspects and is shocked to discover the truth about Cain and his family. When Eve develops her intuition using Sherlock’s method she overloads her system. Zac suggests that she’d be better off using her own processes and Eve realises that her tests have been flawed and that Mary could have built Adam to better pass for a human. Perhaps Adam can eat or even breathe? Meanwhile, Nick and Katherine attempt to discover the robot’s identity by tricking Mary into revealing Adam’s location. However Mary turns the tables, leaving them back at square one.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 7 – A Case of Identity (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 710MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 6 – The Eve of Destruction (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 6 – “The Eve of Destruction”

Eve is infuriated by PARTY’s anti-technology messages, she apparently causes a series of strange electrical surges and Abe gets a huge shock. Nick can’t detect any outside interference, so Eve concludes that for her friends’ safety, she must be deactivated. Will and Lily see a connection between Eve going haywire and PRICE attempting to hack into Calimov two days earlier. While Lily stalls Mr Gwenlan at a PARTY event, Will goes to his house but can’t get inside. Will’s call for help reactivates Eve who races out to help him. Inside Mr Gwenlan’s house, Eve and Will discover more about what PRICE knows. But when Mr Gwenlan arrives home and intends to call the police, it’s what Will knows that stops Mr Gwenlan in his tracks. Abe leaves hospital and is happy to forgive Eve in exchange for a new pair of trainers. Nick still can’t believe that Eve caused the electric shock. And when Eve intercepts a communication between Mary and someone else – the source of the malfunction finally becomes clear.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 6 – The Eve of Destruction (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 710MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 5 – Power Games (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 5 – “Power Games”

Abe introduces Eve to ‘basic sales techniques’ getting her to help him sell mobile phones in the park. Once Eve gives the mobiles a turbo boost they start to sell like hot cakes. Abe is delighted until Eve sells a phone to Isaac, a young wheelchair user, for double the price. For Abe, a business line has been crossed – he even ends up paying Isaac to get the phone back. In another part of the business world, to protect Calimov from Price, Katherine has designed a new security system called Quincy. But when Quincy fails to stop a hack, Eve’s secret is at risk. Eve herself is busy in the park teaching some manners to a gang of older boys, which leads Isaac to discovering something different about Eve.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 5 – Power Games (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 814MB

Eve – Series 2 Episode 4 – Party Girl (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Series 2 Episode 4 – “Party Girl”

Eve feels compelled to try out a youth group called Party and drags her friends along to its lakeside activities. Eve loves Party, and its youth leader is impressed by Eve’s attitude to technology. But when Eve becomes obsessed with the idea of canoeing on the lake, Will starts to get really nervous. Nick and Zac have worries of their own and attempt to listen into Mr Gwenlan’s phone calls. When Mr Gwenlan turns out to be Party’s co-founder and appears at the youth club, Will marches Eve home. Will can’t understand why Eve’s protocols aren’t responding to danger and has strong words with Eve, but she storms off. Will, Lily and Zac reach the lakeside in time to find the youth group encouraging Eve to cross the lake on a rickety raft. If Eve falls in, it will be the end of her. To make matters worse, Will can’t swim but dives in to try and save Eve anyway.

Eve – Series 2 Episode 4 – Party Girl (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 999MB