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Category: Cold Feet

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 7 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Adam is beginning to have feelings for Tina as the comedy drama featuring a reunited cast, ten years older but not necessarily wiser, continues. Adam also suspects that Tina may feel similarly about him. Pete and Jenny agree on a compromise with Harry’s daughter, but Jenny is still concerned about Pete’s mental wellbeing and persuades him to attend a mindfulness class. When Karen discovers that David’s finances have hit rock bottom, thanks to his case and Robyn’s divorce proceedings, she notes that he could dip into the girls’ trust fund. She then discovers that that he has already done so, leaving her no choice but to send him packing.

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 7 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 2.11GB

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 6 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Karen’s plan to go it alone pays off in more ways than one as the comedy drama series featuring a reunited cast coping with middle age continues. Convinced that they have seen the back of Grant, Jenny raises the subject of Harry’s will again but Pete has no fight left in him. When Chloe rejects him, nothing else seems to matter. Tina throws herself into finding a home for Adam, but when she charms an estate agent into accepting an offer it becomes clear that she is not as happy as she thought at the prospect of his moving out. Karen’s meeting with handsome young media entrepreneur Justin goes better than expected as he agrees to invest.

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 6 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 2.2GB

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 5 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Jenny is shocked when an old flame turns up out of the blue as the comedy drama series featuring a reunited cast coping with middle age continues. After breaking up with Angela, Adam picks himself up and vows to reconnect with his son Matt. It soon becomes apparent that this may be easier said than done, but a perfect opportunity later presents itself. As David continues to claim ignorance over a dodgy overseas investment, the evidence against him is stacking up. Karen, distracted by her own problems at work, is oblivious to the seriousness of the allegations being made and is shocked when she receives a phone call from David.

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 5 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 2.2GB

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 4 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

David realises that he may have his work cut out when his own wife turns against him. Pete receives another blow when he arrives at work to see Harry. Jen’s facade finally begins to slip when she is pulled to task by her sister over the care of their elderly mother. Just as Karen takes her relationship with Eddie up a notch, a visit from a desperate David threatens to put the kibosh on things. Adam worries when his wife becomes increasingly distant.

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 4 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 2.8GB

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 2 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

When David is woken in the early hours by the police, he assumes that something terrible has happened to one of the kids. Relieved to hear that this is not the case, the rug is pulled from under his feet when he finds himself under arrest.

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 3 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 2.12GB

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 2 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Adam reveals that he has changed his mind about starting a new life in Singapore, as the new series of the Manchester-based comedy drama continues. The Giffords’ money worries have taken a toll on their marriage – in particular, their sex life. Jen tries to lift Pete’s spirits, but to no avail. Under pressure from his boss, David continues to try to impress Adam’s father-in-law, millionaire businessman Eddie Zubayr, even enlisting the help of ex-wife Karen, whom Eddie clearly has designs on. When David invites Eddie to the corporate box at Old Trafford, his CEO decides to invite himself along, forcing David to let his old friends down.

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 2 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 1.83GB

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 1 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

The Manchester-based comedy drama returns for a new series after a 13-year absence, with its main characters coping as best they can with middle age. The gang are reunited when Adam returns after years of working abroad, though not everyone is thrilled at his return. While Adam travelled the world on business, his 15-year-old son Matthew chose boarding school and, under the guardianship of Karen, has turned into a well-adjusted young man – or so it seems. Meanwhile, Pete and Jenny are struggling financially with two teenagers to support. David is under pressure at work, while Karen has sorted her life out and seems blissfully contented.

Cold Feet – Series 6 Episode 1 (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)
MKV | DD2.0 | 2GB