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Not Going Out. Image shows from L to R: Lee (Lee Mack), Lucy (Sally Bretton). Copyright: Avalon Television / Arlo Productions.

The BBC has ordered two further series of Lee Mack‘s hit sitcom Not Going Out.

The news means the comedy will be on TV for several years to come, and makes the show one of Britain’s longest running sitcoms.

Series 8 of the comedy is due to start on BBC One in January, but it was announced at a press screening last night that the Corporation has already ordered Series 9 and Series 10.

Chortle reports that Lee Mack said: “When we started I thought it might run for just one or two series. I started the show in my 30s and currently I’ll still be doing it in my 50s, even if we don’t do any more after that.”

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Man Down. Image shows from L to R: Mr Klackov (Steven Berkoff), Brian (Mike Wozniak), Dan (Greg Davies), Nesta (Stephanie Cole), Mum (Gwyneth Powell), Jo (Roisin Conaty), Deadalus (Tony Robinson). Copyright: Avalon Television.

  • Man Down, the sitcom created by and starring Greg Davies, is to return for a fourth series
  • Channel 4 has ordered six more episodes, which will be broadcast in 2017

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Home From Home. Image shows from L to R: Penny Dillon (Emilia Fox), Robert Dillon (Adam James), Fiona Hackett (Joanna Page), Neil Hackett (Johnny Vegas). Copyright: BBC.

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The BBC is planning to offer Ultra HD content via the iPlayer, ahead of other TV platforms.

But the distribution of BBC UHD content via digital terrestrial TV (Freeview) will be “very difficult”, according to Andy King, Technology Controller at BBC Television, in an interview with Advanced Television.

Until SD/HD simulcasts end, it is not clear where the capacity for any BBC UHD channel on Freeview would come from. The BBC took part in a trial of UHD on terrestrial TV in 2014, using capacity now used for commercial Freeview broadcasts, to test broadcasting the football World Cup and Commonwealth Games in a regular broadcast environment.

The broadcaster has already been trialling UHD content on the iPlayer; the existance of the trial in 2015 confirmed by a now removed help page on the iPlayer website.

With the impending release of 4K production Planet Earth II, Mr King confirmed the BBC was working on how they would get UHD content to viewers, but that they were also taking an “internet first” strategic approach to distributing the BBC’s first regular Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

Before UHD is distributed on linear TV platforms, the broadcaster wants to make all of its existing regional services available in HD, as part of the next BBC Charter period, which is now due to start in April 2017.

In the meantime, to enable the reception of UHD programmes via the internet on compatible TVs, relevant support has been added to the specifications governing terrestrial/IP hybrid platform Freeview Play.


Sky has confirmed the launch of what it describes as the UK’s most comprehensive Ultra HD service on Sky Q Silver, available to customers from August 13th. Offering a line up of Premier League football, exclusive blockbuster movies, natural history documentaries and gripping dramas, it says viewers will be brought to the heart of the action at home, in enhanced Ultra HD picture quality.

Sky Logo

Customers will be able to immerse themselves in 124 live Premier League games this season, and over 70 movies, from the world premiere of Spectre in Ultra HD, to Oscar Winner The Revenant, and box office hit The Martian. There will also be a wide selection of natural history and documentaries, with David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies, as well as five new dramas, including hotly anticipated The Young Pope starring Jude Law and Series 4 of The Blacklist.

Further sports, movies, documentaries and drama will follow.

“With Sky Q, we created the world’s best TV experience,” declared Luke Bradley-Jones, Director of TV & Content Products. “Now with the introduction of an unrivalled line-up of Ultra HD TV, the service is going to get even better, truly enhancing customers’ viewing experience. So whether you’re a football fan, movie buff, natural history enthusiast or drama junkie, customers looking for the next-generation of TV viewing will love it.”

Ultra HD is available to customers with a Sky Q Silver box and subscription at no extra cost.

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