A Gert Lush Christmas (2015) (1080i) (HDTV) – (T.B.P.W)

Note: This was Recorded from BBC 2 HD UK

Russell Howard stars as Dan, who brings his new girlfriend Lisa home to meet the family at Christmas. Set in Bristol in the small town of Bamford, A Gert Lush Christmas is a feelgood comedy about loved-up couple Dan and Lisa and how introducing her to his eccentric family leads to unexpected yet hilarious consequences. What begins as an over-enthusiasm to welcome Lisa into the family ends with Lisa running away and making Dan regret ever introducing her to them. The dysfunctional family pull together in their own unique and crazy way to put things right.


A Gert Lush Christmas (2015) (1080i) (HDTV) (DTS-HD) (MA) (2.0) – (T.B.P.W)
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